Reading Viaduct

Broomsedge (Andropogon virginicus – with two racemes per peduncle and concealing bracts) is fruiting on the Reading Viaduct.  Prairie three-awn (Aristida oligantha – with three very long awns) is in fruit.  Solidago rugosa is flowering.  All are very common up there.


Pollinators on Pine Street

This afternoon, a Red Admiral, a few Blue-winged Wasps (Scolia dubia), and honeybees were at the blooms of a patch of Allium in the physic garden in the Pine Street yard of Pennsylvania Hospital.

Smooth goldenrod

On the north side of Tower Street, at Pensdale Street, in the scrub there, an individual of Solidago gigantea (it has 3-nerved leaves, and its lower stem is somewhat glaucous and smooth, and the top of the stem, at the inflorescence, is hairy – also, it is losing its lower leaves) is flowering (with a terminal inflorescence).


The goldenrod (most likely Solidago rugosa) growing on the embankment of the Reading Viaduct, alongside the railroad tracks that lead to Market East (i.e., the east side of the embankment), aren’t blooming yet.